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Spiky Caterpillar Convention Schedule

Like Black Closet? Will you be in SF in March 2016? Want to go to GDC?

Black Closet's been nominated for the IGF's Excellence in Narrative award, so we will be attending and displaying our game to the public and wandering journalists. However, the two of us can't be around our game's kiosk all the time.

So, this is is a call for INTERNISHES. We have a few Expo passes (retails for $250) that we can give away in exchange for being willing to spend a couple of hours a day standing around in the vicinity of our kiosk, keeping an eye on things and offering assistance to confused players. For the rest of your GDC time, the Expo pass will grant access to the rest of the Expo floor (obviously) where you can pick up free swag, the GDC Career Seminar, the Play area (where upcoming games are shown off), and a few of the talks.

We may also be able to get you a seat up with us at the awards ceremony if you want one, and hang out for dinner to tell you hot secrets about our upcoming projects or something.

Note that we do not have cars and cannot provide transportation! The GDC location is a short walk from BART and MUNI stops, it's not hard to reach.

Interested? Contact with information about you and the hours you think you'd be available to volunteer on March 16-18.

We have no retail conventions scheduled at this time, but if you're going to be at or near GDC in March 2016 you can probably arrange to furtively pay Spiky for some disks in the park or something. Contact Spiky for such things.

At conventions, we accept cash and personal checks.

Missed us at a convention but still want a physical disc? We also sell our games through the mail.

Know of a convention in the San Francisco Bay Area that we should be at? Contact us. If games are eligible for an artist's alley table, we probably want to be there.