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All of our games are now also available on physical discs through the mail. We accept checks and money orders drawn in US dollars. For full payment instructions, Contact Spiky Caterpillar. If you wish to pay through PayPal, email support at instead.

All of our discs contain the Windows, Macintosh, and Linux installers.

Price list:
Long Live The Queen: $13
Magical Diary: Horse Hall: $20
Date Warp: $20
Cute Knight Kingdom: $10
Science Girls: $10
The Royal Trap: $20

Special discount - if you already own a downloadable copy of one of our games, the physical disc for the same game is available for only $5 (plus shipping & handling.) If you are claiming the discount price, you will need to include the order receipt when you contact us.

We ship from California; if you are in California, add 8.5% sales tax to the purchase price.

Standard shipping and handling (first class mail) for one disc is $5 in the US, $13 anywhere else in the world. If ordering multiple discs, add $2 per additional disc in the US, $3 per additional disc elsewhere. Contact us for priority mail rates.

If you want to pay by cash, we sell physical copies at select conventions (Spiky Caterpillar convention schedule) in the San Francisco bay area. We will also happily sell through stores in your area if you can convince them to carry our games. (Wholesale inquiries welcomed.)

Finally, if you don't actually want a disc but just want to buy a downloadable copy with something other than a credit card or PayPal, our payment processor accepts many different payment mechanisms and currencies.