[Magical Diary]

Go to magical school! Learn spells! Date a demon prince! Marry your professor! Explore dungeons! Features five datable characters (plus Big Steve bonus content), piles of spells, multiple solutions to puzzles, and persistent dungeon graffiti.

Buy the full game ($19.95) Linux | Windows | Mac

Download the demo (approximately 50MB): Linux | Windows | Mac

Other stuff:

For technical support, check out the troubleshooting guide. If that doesn't help, posting on the Hanako forums or the Steam community are the best ways to get support. Public support requests are always better, because that way our answers will help other people who have the same problem.

Players can post their characters publically in our online yearbook.

If you want to make a fan translation, you can get started with MagicalDiary-Translations- (Updated 2017 July 8).

Screenshots and the trailer video are on the Hanako Games website.