Warning: spoilers abound!

This guide will tell you how to get the most out of your Magical Diary experience, and list most events available in the game. The guide does not include the bonus Big Steve content. Yet.

  1. Your Character - an overview of your stats, what they do, and how to change them.
  2. Cheat Codes - how to alter your character stats by hand
  3. Standard Events - classes and activities available throughout the game.
  4. If you don't have the game yet, get it here.

Your Character


A measure of how healthy and athletic you are. This is also where your health points in dungeon exams come from. If you raise your Strong score, you will get more health and be better able to survive danger.

As a member of Horse Hall, you start out with 20 Strong. You can raise this through Gym class or using the dance machine at the mall. You can lose Strong points if you become ill, but this is rare.


A measure of how clever and knowledgeable you are. This also determines your magic points in dungeon exams. If you raise your Smart score, you can cast more spells. You start with 20 Smart and can raise it through Study activities.

A higher Smart score will give you more options in some conversations. You will be better able to answer questions from professors if you are Smart.

Cute / Weird

These stats are based on what other people think of you. It's not enough to be cute on your own - someone needs to see you and think that you're cute! If a large group of people thinks you're being strange, you will gain more Weird points than if only one person notices.

Some characters will be more interested in you if you have a high Cute or Weird stat.

Magical Colors

Your stats in different colors of magic will determine what spells you can learn and cast. They are raised by attending the class for each color or through the Saturday study events with Minnie in the library after that option is unlocked. You can also temporarily raise your skills by equipping items. If you equip an item that raises your skill in a color of magic, you will still need to attend the class to learn the spells that you would normally learn by gaining that skill level. If you remove the item, you may not be able to cast the spells that you have learned.


All activities except for resting will give you Stress. You get more Stress if something is hard or boring (like detentions). You lose stress by resting or by having fun (at the mall or special events). The more stress you have, the more likely you are to fail at activities.

Merits / Demerits

Generally shows how much the professors like you. You get demerits for causing trouble or failing at your exams, and you gain merits for passing your exams or doing extra work.


You receive an allowance of $5 every week, mostly used for shopping at the mall, although there are a few events where money is useful.

Cheat Codes

WARNING!! Attempting to hack your character with cheat codes may have unexpected results or crash your game. Use at your own risk!!

To adjust your character stats with cheat codes, first go to the Options screen, then select Updater.

Instead of checking for updates, select 'Python Console'. You will now see a prompt to enter a code. Pick one of your stats, and adjust its value like so:

strong = 50

Type the line of code in, then hit enter twice. You should now see it take effect.

To give yourself demerits, set your merits to a negative number, such as

merits = -10

Remember, altering your character can lead to strange things happening and breaking the plot, so save your game first!

Standard Events

Magic Class - If successful, gain 1-3 points of that color and the same amount of stress. If failed, gain 2 stress.

Gym Class - If successful, gain 1 point strong and 1 point stress. If failed, gain 2 stress.

Study (by yourself) - If succesful, gain 1 point smart and 2 points stress. If failed, gain 4 stress.

Sleep - Lose 25 stress.

Mall, Arcade, Dance Machine - Gain 1 strong.

Mall, Arcade, Pinball (normal) - Lose 5 stress.

Mall, Arcade, Just Watch - Lose 3 stress.

Mall, Arcade, Claw Machine - There is a 1/100 chance of actually getting the rabbit. Otherwise your stress will increase by 1. You may have the option to cast spells. This leads to a scolding by Potsdam and 10 demerits.

Mall, Food, Fruit/Cookie/Pastry - Lose 5 stress.

Mall, Food, Lunch - Lose 10 stress.

Mall, Food, No Food - Lose 3 stress.

Mall, Window Shopping - Lose 3 stress.

Too Much Stress - Can happen after any weekday activity if your stress is over 50. Ellen will remind you to take breaks occasionally.

September Events

Sept 1 - Move-in. Choosing to meet Virginia's brothers gives you some clues about Donald.

The first time you take any magic class, you will get an introductory lecture about that color of magic.

Sept 2 - If you take Blue Magic class on the first day, you will get a scene with Ellen. You can choose Interesting or Pretty to get 5 Weird or Cute points respectively.

Sept 2-6 - If you take gym class during this first week, you can meet Damien before Initiation.

Sept 2-6 - If you take gym class or sleep, there will be a scene with Virginia in the dorm room where she talks about the Salem witch hunt.

Sept 6 - If you ahve done nothing but sleep all week, Professor Grabiner shows up to scold you and give you detention. This grants the Truant trophy. You can Bluff for 5 Weird points.

Sept 6 - If the above didn't happen, you will find Ellen going through Virginia's things.

  • If you talk to Ellen and say everyone should keep their own space, you lose an Ellen point.
  • If you talk to Ellen and say Ellen should teach Virginia, you lose a Virginia point.
  • If you talk to Ellen and say Virginia should pay Ellen, you gain an Ellen point.
  • If you go looking for Virginia and accuse Ellen of stealing underwear, you gain 5 Weird points.
  • If you go looking for Virginia and choose any other option, you gain a Virginia point.

Sept 7 - If you got detention, you have that now. Gain 1 point in each magic and 10 stress.

Sept 7 - If you play pinball this week, you will see Steve but not be able to talk to him (because you haven't had Initiation and don't know his name yet).

Sept 8 - Spot Virginia talking to Pastel.

Sept 9 - If you slept for the entire first week and then sleep again on this day, Professor Potsdam shows up and expels you.

Sept 9 - Initiation starts. You must take Damien's hand in order to have access to his path. Getting up by yourself and refusing to participate will give you 10 Weird and lock you out of Initiation. In either case you then have a scene with Ellen and Virginia where you talk about Initiation. If you are with Damien, telling Virginia not to judge by appearances will lose a Virginia point.

Sept 10 - If you're doing Initiation, you have to write a letter to Damien. Choosing Knives gives you 5 weird. Choosing Butter gives you 5 cute. This choice will also affect the pie scene later.

Sept 11 - If you're in one of Potsdam's classes (green, black, or white) you see Luke reciting a poem as part of Initiation.

Sept 12 - If you're doing Initiation, the letter reaches Professor Grabiner. If you're in Red or Blue class you can choose 'Admit It' to lose 10 merits temporarily.

Sept 13 - If you admitted writing the letter, you now receive 20 merits.

Sept 13 - If you're doing Initiation, you get taken away to the surprise party and lose 5 stress. If you introduce Damien to Ellen, and Ellen earlier took the blame for the love letter (temporarily), you'll get some clues about Damien and William's difficult relationship.

Sept 13 - If you skipped Initiation, you gain 2 smart.

Sept 14 - From now on, when playing pinball in the mall, you have the option to talk to Big Steve. He doesn't say much, but this is needed to unlock an option later.

Sept 15 - Writing letters home. If you did Initiation, Damien now gives you the brushoff.

Sept 16 - Virginia mentions the upcoming club signups.

Sept 16 - Until the end of the month, if you choose Study you get a scene with Ellen fretting over her disappearing penny.

Sept 18 - Club signups.

Sept 20 - Result of club signups.

Sept 21 - If you have not gone to the mall on either of the first two weeks and choose to study again this day, Virginia tries to insist that you go out with her, but Ellen defends you. Gain an Ellen point.

Sept 21 - Any time in the future that you go to the food court, after choosing a menu option, Virginia may invite you to share a dessert with her. If you split the dessert, then you will lose a Strong point for stuffing yourself if you'd already eaten - of you had NOT already eaten (you chose not to order food on the earlier menu) then you lose 6 stress and gain a Virginia point.

Sept 22 - Writing letters home. Scene with William. If you went through Initiation you can ask him about Damien. Otherwise you can practice with the ball (different results for Red Magic < 5 or (Red Magic > 10 & Smart > 21))

Sept 23 - Warning of the upcoming exam.

Sept 23 - After this date but before the class elections, if you take Gym class and succeed, you can meet Kyo and give him advice on getting a girl's attention. Presents -> Cuddly Toys gives 5 cute points. Presents -> Wind-Up Toys gives 5 weird points.

Sept 24 - Virginia talks in her sleep.

Sept 26 - Grabiner's study session. If you did NOT take one of his classes today, then Ellen will invite you to it - accepting gives you an Ellen point. Either way, attending the study session gives you a point of Smart and a point of Stress.

Sept 27 - If you have managed to reach this date without having ANY magical skills at all (doing nothing but gym/study) Professor Potsdam will expel you. If there are any colors of magic that you still have at 0, or if you have less than 10 points total of magic, she will offer to let you skip the exam in exchange for a detention. If you take the detention you get 5 weird points. If you refuse the detention you get 10 demerits for being poorly prepared.

Sept 27 - Dungeon Exam 1. There are many outcomes based on what you pick and what your stats are.

  • Red Magic < 5 = Fail, 5 demerits.
  • Red Magic < 25 = Null result, neither merits nor demerits.
  • Red Magic >= 25 = You blow up the wall and escape, earning 5 merits.
  • Blue Magic < 5 = Fail, 5 demerits.
  • Blue Magic < 30 = Null result
  • Blue Magic >= 30 = You teleport yourself out (with a mild accident) and earn 10 merits.
  • Green Magic < 5 = If you have at least 25 Smart, you can explain yourself and get only 10 demerits. Otherwise you get 15 demerits. Either way you get detention.
  • Green Magic >= 5 = If you have at least 25 Smart, you can explain yourself and get only 5 demerits. Otherwise you get 10 demerits and detention.
  • White Magic < 5 = If you have at least 25 Smart, you can explain yourself and get only 5 demerits. Otherwise you get 10 demerits and detention.
  • White Magic >= 5 = If you have at least 25 Smart, you can explain yourself and get no demerits at all. Otherwise you get 5 demerits and detention.
  • Black Magic < 5 = Fail, 5 demerits
  • Black Magic < 25 = Null result
  • Black Magic >= 25 = You reshape the wall and escape, gaining 5 merits.

Sept 28 - If you have detention, you gain 10 stress and get a scene with Donald. His detention was worse than yours.

Sept 28 - If you go to the mall food court, William is there and buys you, Ellen, and Virginia a giant cookie to celebrate passing your exam. Lose 5 stress.

Sept 30 - Notice of upcoming elections.

Sept 30 - If you choose Study or Sleep, you will be in the room with Donald arrives to drop off a 'gift'. You can tell him to take it away. If you ask him why he's doing this, then IF back on Sept 6 you had Ellen teach Virginia to clean, you can tell Donald that Virginia's getting better - This earns a Donald point, and he takes the box away. Otherwise, if you let him leave the box or give him a better idea, you earn a Donald point. After this, Virginia returns to the room.

  • Leave The Box -> Don't Open That = She doesn't open it. As long as your Virginia score wasn't negative, you gain a Virginia point. Otherwise you realist she doesn't entirely trust you.
  • Leave The Box -> Say Nothing = She opens the box and you laugh. Lose a Virginia point, plus consequences later.
  • Better Idea -> Don't Open That = If your Virginia score is not negative, you explain the double-cross and get 5 weird points. She doesn't open the box. If your score is negative, she opens the box anyway and you laugh. Lose a Virginia point.
  • Better Idea -> Say Nothing = She opens the box, but doesn't get mad at you.

October Events

Oct 1 - Depending on the outcome of Sept 30, Professor Grabiner may show up to scold you.

  • "Nothing" - You get a warning but no punishment.
  • "Run Away" - You get 10 demerits.
  • "Go For Help" or "Attack You" - You get detention.

Oct 1 - After this point, if you take Green Magic class and you have already learned the Heal spell, you may get an event where Potsdam talks about magic, gender, and pronouns.

Oct 2 - If you've ever had detention with Donald or you gave him the Better Idea suggestion on the 30th, he turns up now. Agree to go with him and you earn 10 merits.

Oct 4 - If you are at 0 or more Merits, you now have the option to run for President or Treasurer.

Oct 4 - Ellen confesses her crush on William.

  • "He's mine" - Lose an Ellen point.
  • "We could duel" - Lose another Ellen point.
  • "Tell him you like him" - Gain an Ellen point
  • "Wait and see" - If you are not running for Treasurer, this choice will make Ellen run.

Oct 5 - Cider Day.

Oct 5 - If you have detention, you and Donald copy out obituaries. Gain 10 stress.

Oct 5 - If you go to the mall and play pinball and have talked to Big Steve there previously, you can now have a special conversation with him (Pester him). He tells you about bounders. Then you lose 3 stress and gain 1 smart.

Oct 5 - If you went through Initiation, a box arrives for you.

  • Open It -> Share It = Gain a Virginia point.
  • Open It -> Eat The Whole Pie = If you chose Butter for the love letter, you stick your face in the pie and gain 5 cute points. If you chose Knives, you lose a Virginia point. In either case, you later gain a point of stress and lose a point of Strong for eating too much pie.

Oct 7 - Campaign planning. If you run for President and choose Lampshade Head, gain 5 cute. If you run for Treasurer and choose to work with Grabiner, gain a Grabiner point. If, with Grabiner, you choose Lampshade Head, gain 5 weird. If you work with William, you have the option of borrowing money if you're broke.

Oct 8 - Campaigning. If Ellen is running for Treasurer and you are running for President but you didn't order supplies and you choose to help Ellen campaign, gain an Ellen point. If you do any campaigning at all, gain 5 stress.

Oct 8 - If neither you or Ellen is campaigning, you meet Minnie and get an invitation to the Saturday study group. If you have demerits at this point Minnie will offer to help you with that.

Oct 8 - If you're running for Treasurer and chose to have Grabiner's help, you can tell Virginia that you might have a crush on him for 5 weird. Tell her it's none of her business and lose a Virginia point.

Oct 9 - If you're running for either office without William's support, choosing 'Free Hugs' will give you 15 cute. Interpretive dance will give you 10 weird.

Oct 11 - Elections. If you're running for president, choose 'Crush my Enemies', 'Demand Perfection', and 'Public Discipline' to get 15 weird points. Minnie will always win the Presidential slot. If Ellen is running for Treasurer, she'll win if you vote for her. For the PC's Treasurer campaign:

  • Bought posters: 2 points
  • Bought badges: 2 points
  • Bought cupcakes: 1 point
  • Bought super-cupcakes: 3 points
  • Had William backing you: 2 points
  • Ran as 'A New Hope': -1 point
  • Gave out free hugs: 1 point
  • Promoted tradition in speech: 1 point

    If this adds up to at least 4 points, PC wins. Otherwise Jacob does.

Oct 12 - If you're treasurer you learn your new duties and see flowers being delivered.

Oct 12 - If you had the special conversation with Big Steve last week, and you have tried and failed at the claw machine at least once, then from now on you will have the option to ask Big Steve to play it for you. It will take him two tries, but he will retrieve the bunny, at which point you can either give it to him or keep it for yourself. Giving him the bunny unlocks events later. Keeping and equipping the bunny gives you 10 Cute.

Oct 12 - If you ran for President as Lady Lampshade Head or gave out free hugs, Potsdam will give you ten merits. If you chose a mean option during your Presidential speech, she won't, but if you chose ALL the mean options, she figures you were joking and you can still get merits.

Oct 12 - If you met Minnie earlier and choose Study, you can now study with her at the library to improve both your Smart and your lowest color of magic (You do not learn spells this way though). You can also take on extra work to get 10 merits and 4 stress.

Oct 13 - Jacob barges into the sports club.

Oct 14 - Canadian Thanksgiving.

Oct 14-28 - If you take Gym class and your relationship with Virginia is not negative, you get a scene where she talks about how she wanted to be a professional athlete. Gain a Virginia point.

Oct 18 - Meet Minnie if you didn't earlier.

Oct 19 - If you borrowed money from William for the election, he comes to reclaim it.

Oct 20 - If you borrowed money from William but didn't pay it back, you get 10 demerits, or 20 demerits if you are Treasurer. You also lose a huge amount of Grabiner points.

Oct 25 - Dungeon Exam 2. The most obvious ways to succeed are to Push the bridge into position, Stoneshape the rocks into a bridge, Teleport the bridge, Boost Strength to jump over the hole, or Awareness+Teleport to teleport yourself over the hole. Success gives 5 merits. Failure (surrender or sleep) gives 10 demerits. Jumping over the hole without Boosting Strength or managing to run out of health causes you to get 10 demerits and detention.

Oct 26 - If you have detention, you have the option of asking Grabiner to spank you for 5 weird points. He'll only go through with it if you say that it beats the alternative; this gives 5 stress. Finishing the detention normally gives 10 stress.

Oct 26 - If you go to the mall, you encounter Virginia shopping for a present for Donald. Choosing a banana will give 5 weird points. Choosing music will make Donald happy later.

Oct 27 - If you're treasurer, Minnie comes to talk to you about the Dark Dance.

Oct 28 - Virginia mentions the dance.

Oct 29 - Donald comes by for his birthday present. If you helped Virginia choose and picked music, you get a Donald point.

Oct 30 - If you went through Initiation, you receive a letter from Damien. If not, you have a conversation with Ellen. If you choose "Are you asking me -> I wanted to ask you -> It's a joke" you lose an Ellen point.

Oct 31 - The Dark Dance. If you went through Initiation, Damien appears. If you say there's no way you'll be friends, he leaves forever.

Oct 31 - At the dance, if you cast Spirit Sight, you lose 5 strength and gain 10 stress, then get 10 demerits and detention. If you're treasurer and talked to him about the dance on the 27th, you get 20 demerits instead of 10.

November Events

Nov 1 - Ellen's upset. If you change the subject, you'll have a chance to tease Virginia instead and get some information about different characters. If you suggest Virginia has a thing for Ellen, you lose a point with each of them. Suggesting Virginia has a crush on her brother loses a Virginia point. If you suggest Virginia should date Damien (only available if you went through initiation) you get 5 weird points.

Nov 2 - If you have detention, this is the first chance you'll get to talk to Donald about his family - but only if this isn't your first detention with him. (This conversation can happen at any detention until the end of the year). At the end of detention you gain 10 stress.

Nov 3 - Or ANY Sunday that you're not busy, if you've had the conversation with Donald about his family in detention, William will appear. If you suspected Virginia had a crush on William, you can ask him about it now. If you unlock this conversation later, after the date with Damien, you can ask William about Damien.

Nov 4 - If you're treasurer, Grabiner summons you to make plans for the fundraiser. (If your Smart is over 30, you'll have an extra dialog option, but it has no effect.)

Nov 4 - Any White Magic class after this, if you have White of 20+ or used Spirit Sight at the dance, Potsdam will talk about the Otherworld.

Nov 8 - If you're still on good terms with Damien, he shows up to ask you out.

Nov 9 - Ellen gets a letter from home. If you stay with her, you gain 5 stress. If you have plans with Damien and specifically tell Virginia that's why you're busy, you lose two Virginia points. You can also claim to be meeting Minnie, but if you're NOT treasurer, after the date they will have figured out that you were lying and you will lose a point with each of them.

Nov 9 - If you have a date with Damien today, you can gain 5 cute points for ordering food at random. At the end of the date you lose 5 stress.

Nov 10 - If you were supposed to have a date with Damien but skipped it, he shows up to reschedule.

Nov 11 - If you're Treasurer, Minnie stops by for a chat.

Nov 11-15 - If you choose Sleep or Study, you have a short scene with Ellen.

Nov 12 - Any Tuesday following the Sunday-William-conversation Donald may show up to find out what you learned. If you lie and say you didn't have a chance to talk to him, or if you claim William thinks Donald is great, you lose a Donald point. If you say he has too much energy or that William thinks Donald has a crush on you, gain a Donald point. (These options only available if you actually talked to William about Donald.)

Nov 14 - Duel practice. If you dodge Donald's spell instead of casting a counterspell, you get 5 weird. After the prank, if you defend Donald, you get a Donald point and detention.

Nov 16 - Damien's date may be scheduled for today. If you also have detention today, you can run to let him know you'll be late. (Detention is much like the last week - ten stress and a possible Donald conversation.)

Nov 17 - If you were supposed to have a date with Damien yesterday but skipped it and didn't tell him why, Damien loses his temper and yells at you. You won't see him after this. If you DID run to tell him you'd be late, you gain 10 cute and the date is rescheduled.

Nov 18 - If your relationship with Ellen is not negative, she invites you to the play.

Nov 20 - If your relationship with Donald is positive, he invites you to make candles. You get five stress and ten merits if you agree.

Nov 22 - The fall play. If you think wrongdoers should be punished, someone may notice you saying that.

Nov 23 - If you're treasurer, you have to go off to the mall to man the tables. If you do a raffle, it succeeds if your Smart is over 30. Taper candles always sell badly. So do black candles, but they give you 5 weird. These combinations will be a successful sale:

  • White + Coconut
  • White + Pine
  • White + Peppermint
  • Red + Cinnamon
  • Green + Pine
  • Orange + Tangerine
  • Orange + Pumpkin
  • Pink + Peppermint (also gives 5 cute)
  • Red + Peppermint (Angela approves but insults you anyway)
  • Green + Peppermint (Angela approves but insults you anyway)
Afterwards, Professor Grabiner takes you out for drinks. You gain 10 stress and then lose 5.

Nov 23 - A rescheduled date with Damien might happen today.

Nov 24 - If you had a date with Damien yesterday but missed it because of the fundraiser, he throws a fit and you never see him again.

Nov 25 - Notification of Thanksgiving. If your fundraising was successful, you gain a Grabiner point.

Nov 26 - Thanksgiving blessing.

December Events

Dec 1 - Lose all stress from the holiday. Return to school and talk to your roommates.

Dec 2 - Dungeon Exam 3. This dungeon is randomly generated. You can find a path to the exit by casting Breeze, Track Scent, or Spirit Echoes. Truesight will break the illusion if cast in the right cell. Awareness covers several cells at a time and will tell you if the exit is in any of them. Several other spells MAY work if cast on the illusion-wall but are too expensive to be a good idea. Success gives 5 merits, surrender causes 10 demerits. If you cast Sleep on yourself or set yourself on fire and run out of health, you get 10 demerits and detention.

Dec 2 - If your relationship with Ellen is not negative and she is not treasurer, she talks to you after the exam. Saying it's not fair will lead to a confrontation between Ellen and Professor Grabiner.

Dec 3 - On this date, you may get a mysterious message inviting you to join a secret society. This will not happen if Ellen and Professor Grabiner had an argument yesterday (if so, you'll see Ellen sneaking out in the middle of the night). Otherwise, then if you either spoke in favor of revenge at the fall play (On Nov 22) or didn't attend the play but have at least 20 demerits, you will be invited to the gym in the middle of the night.

Dec 3/4 - If you attend the midnight meeting, you will have the chance to join the Rose and Wasp. However, if you scheduled Study or Sleep for tomorrow (Dec 4) then you can't carry out your initiation task.

Dec 4 - If Ellen snuck out to join the Rose and Wasp, but you scheduled Study or Sleep for this day and are therefore not leaving the room, she has to give up on carrying out her initiation task.

Dec 5 - If you did the Rose and Wasp task, Ellen is upset about her missing underwear, but she won't admit to you what happened if your relationship with her is already negative. If you tell her that a secret society made you do it, Ellen gets angry - lose an Ellen point. Otherwise, she accepts whatever excuses you make.

Dec 5 - If Ellen did the Rose and Wasp task, Potsdam returns your missing bra.

Dec 7 - If you have detention today, it's about mazes. Donald is here. Ellen may also be here if she had the confrontation with Grabiner on the 2nd.

Dec 8 - If you're still friendly with Damien, he invites you to play flowerstones with him. Agreeing to skip sports club and play right away will lose a Virginia point.

Dec 11 - Secret Santas are chosen. You get whichever roommate you currently have the worst relationship with; this is your chance to fix problems.

Dec 13 - It's Friday the 13th. If you wake everyone up early, you get 5 weird points.

Dec 13 - If you met Damien on the 8th and told him to wait, you play flowerstones now. If your bra was stolen on the 4th, Damien hints that you and he are the victims of bullying.

Dec 14 - Unexpected snow cancels the usual mall trips. You get the choice of studying in your room or 'relaxing', which turns into chasing Big Steve through the halls and running into Professor Grabiner again. If he likes you, he'll only give you 5 demerits. Otherwise, you get 10 again. Alternately, if you gave Big Steve the bunny from the mall, then he shows up with it now. If you kiss the bunny, you lose 5 stress and gain 5 weird.

Dec 14 - If you have positive Donald points, he invites you to make a snowman with him. If you agree, you'll find out some information about his family problems.

Dec 16 - Classes are canceled to make cards for Secret Santa.

    For Ellen:
    • Cakes = lose an Ellen point
    • Fairies/Jewelry = gain 5 cute points and an Ellen point (With a joke about Pastel if you do Fairies on black paper)
    • Frogs = 5 weird points
    • Rock stars = gain an Ellen point
    • Warriors = no effect
    For Virginia:
    • Fairies/Jewelry = no effect
    • Frogs = If on purple or black paper, 5 weird points. Otherwise no effect.
    • Rock stars = If you had the conversation about how she wanted to be an athlete, gain a Virginia point. Otherwise lose a Virginia point.
    • Cakes = Gain a Virginia point
    • Warriors = Gain a Virginia point

Dec 19 - Going to the concert will lose 3 stress.

Dec 20 - Pre-Christmas assembly, where you can choose someone to think about. For Ellen, Virginia, and Donald, you must have at least one point for them and think about them here in order to start their paths. Damien and Professor Grabiner can still possibly be pursued even if you don't choose them now. If you choose "No one" and you are a member of the Rose and Wasp, you cackle madly and gain 5 weird points.

Christmas Vacation - Stress set to 0.

January Events

Jan 5 - Return to school. If either you or Ellen successfully joined the revenge club you get a Christmas present from them.

Jan 6 - If you're still on good terms with Damien he shows up to give you a present.

Jan 8 - Donald invites you to play Bingo. You can win some extra money here, but it is completely random. This is gambling! You will always lose more often than you win.

Jan 10 - Dungeon Exam 4. To get the full ten merits for this exam you must reach the exit without either damaging or being damaged by the Hodag in the center. Therefore, if the Hodag sees you, you have to instantly disable it before it has a chance to strike back. Putting it to sleep or teleporting it to a distant location are two ways to do this - but if you teleport it, it will try to find you again afterwards. You can also avoid the Hodag completely if you have the Dig spell and sufficient Smarts to dig through from one of the dead ends on the south side of the map to the matching locations on the north side of the map. Cloak will allow you to walk past without it seeing you at all. You can also use the Call spell to lure the Hodag out of position so that you can get past it.

If you do engage in combat but defeat it or manage to escape, you still get five merits. If the Hodag defeats you (you run out of health) you will receive ten demerits and detention. Just giving up will only lose ten demerits.

Jan 11 - Detention today includes Suki as well as Donald, and Professor Grabiner casts a spell to keep you all quiet. Donald will only tell you how he got detention if you're on his path.

Jan 12 - Sports Club. If you're on Virginia's path but didn't have the earlier conversation about being a professional athlete, she explains it now.

Jan 13 - If you're on Ellen's path, you find Ellen cleaning the room and talk about her family.

Jan 13 - If you're on Donald's path, he invites you into the dungeons for what turns out to be a prank. You lose ten demerits and have detention assigned.

Jan 13-24 - If you take Gym class, you can meet Kyo, who's in a bad mood over problems with his girlfriend.

Jan 14 - You may spot Damien and Pastel having a conversation (but not if you skipped Initiation). The conversation goes differently depending on whether or not he thinks he has a chance with you.

Jan 15 - If you went to the dungeons with Donald on Monday, today Professor Grabiner gives you 10 merits to make up for earlier, but you still have detention.

Jan 18 - Detention. Professor Grabiner leaves the three of you in a room to amuse yourselves.

Jan 20 - Martin Luther King Jr. day, no classes.

Jan 20 - Virginia's path - you catch her experimenting with makeup and talk about fashion. If you suggest dressing like a clown you get 5 weird points. You make plans for the weekend.

Jan 20 - Donald's path - you help him clean the school and get 10 merits. (If you didn't need the merits, you admit you just wanted to spend time with him.) You make plans for the weeekend.

Jan 21 - Ellen's path, you suggest going to the mall this weekend to cheer her up.

Jan 24 - If you're still on good terms with him, Damien confesses to you today. You _can_ agree to go out with him even though you already promised someone else for the same weekend. There is NO way to turn him down and keep his friendship - either you agree or he loses his temper. If you tell him you have plans with someone else and therefore have to reject him, or if you say you're not sure how you feel and won't risk trying to find out, he will try to make you feel guilty (and this will come back to haunt you later).

Jan 25 - If you're treasurer, you discover Grabiner caught in a messy situation. If you go for help, you gain ten merits and go on with your day normally. If you try to rescue him, you'll end up married to him! You gain $25 and a wedding picture (There are two different wedding dresses for the two body types, and they adjust slightly to match your character). Any other romantic path you were on gets canceled.

Jan 25 - Mall dates! If you have dates scheduled with both Damien and Donald, you automatically dump Donald now. If you had two dates scheduled with Damien and Ellen or Virginia, you can either cancel with the girls or attempt to hold both dates at the same time - which turns into a disaster and you end up with only Damien. If you go on a solo Virginia date, you can get 5 cute points for choosing accessories, or 5 weird points for funny hats. If you go on a date with Donald you lose $5 at the arcade. If you go on a solo Damien date you run into Angela and find out about Musette.

Jan 26 - If you missed a scheduled date because of getting married, you'll talk to the other person now. For everyone except Donald, this ends their path.

Jan 26 - If you did not go on any dates this weekend, you spot Kyo serenading Minnie.

Jan 27-31 - If you're married, you automatically fail your first class with Grabiner.

Jan 27 - Virginia tells you the latest gossip, which might be about your marriage, your date with Damien, or Kyo's public serenade.

Jan 28 - Virginia path. If your Weird score is 30 or higher, she gives you the option to start a romantic relationship with her (but Ellen walks in before you can kiss). Otherwise you will stay as friends.

Jan 29 - If you went on a solo date with Damien, leading to the interaction with Angela, and Virginia hassled you about it, you may now talk to Isobel to find out more about Musette.

Jan 29 - Ellen has a bad dream.

Jan 31 - You run into Raven talking about the school play.

February Events

Feb 1 - If you're treasurer, you now set the prices for the Valentine's day gifts. If you're also married, you can talk to Grabiner about it now. Asking him if you're still allowed to date will lose a point with him.

Feb 1 - Virginia's path, you can go to the mall with her to celebrate William's birthday. (lose 5 stress)

Feb 1 - Damien's path, you see him arguing with William and he promises a romantic date later.

Feb 1 - Donald's path, you suggest he join the play.

Feb 2 - If you're treasurer, Minnie comes to talk to you about her problems with Kyo. The conversation goes differently depending on whether or not you're married.

Feb 3 - Virginia's path, she asks you to take Gym class with her.

Feb 4 - Ellen's path, she talks about her old best friend.

Feb 4 - Donald's path, at this point you can choose whether to pursue him romantically or just as a friend (Unless you're married, in which case you HAVE to be friends.)

Feb 5 - If you did Bingo last month, you have another chance now.

Feb 3-5 - Virginia's path, if you take Gym class, she seems unusually tired.

Feb 6 - Virginia's path, if this is the first time you take Gym class all week you notice that it's strange she's not there. If you choose study/sleep for this day, you notice she's in bed all day.

Feb 6 - You discover that Virginia is sick.

Feb 7 - Dungeon exam 5. This dungeon is shaped like a + with the endpoints containing a chest, a sphere, an exit, and a monster (which is actually an illusion). The chest will explode if you open it, which may use up all your health and make you lose. If your strength is high, you can open the chest without using any magic at all and escape the dungeon, but you don't get any merits for this. Otherwise, you get five merits for escaping and ten if you canceled the illusion of the monster (Truesight or Spirit Sight will do it).

If you're married and have 40 demerits (so ten demerits for failing would normally get you expelled) you get detention instead, but Professor Grabiner is clearly very upset.

Feb 7 - William tells you about Virginia.

Feb 8 - Detention. If you're married and Grabiner is really mad at you, he takes away your Treasurer position. He then hangs you (and Donald if he's here) in the air with magic and leaves you there. If he spanked you earlier, you snark to yourself that apparently he's into bondage as well. Gain 1 smart and 15 stress.

Feb 8 - Donald path, you convince him not to play a prank on Virginia.

Feb 10 - If you're treasurer, Minnie shows up looking frazzled.

Feb 10 - If you take gym class today, Kyo is there complaining about how girls play hard to get.

Feb 10 - Valentines are on sale today.

Feb 10 - Any time after this point if you take Green magic class, Potsdam talks about the rules of romantic behavior.

Feb 14 - Valentines are delivered. What you get depends on what path you're on and what the prices of valentines was set to. If no one sends you anything you get 3 stress. If you send Ellen a romantic valentine and you are NOT on her path, you get 5 Weird points. If you are not married and you send Grabiner a romantic valentine you get 5 stress. If you're married and you send him a romantic valentine, you lose a Grabiner point and get ten demerits, unless that would bring you to -50.

Feb 14 - Virginia's path, Donald has sent her something that annoys her. If you're pursuing her romantically and you sent her a romantic valentine, she feels uncomfortable. If the valentine was romantic AND it cost $20, she dumps you.

Feb 14 - Ellen's path, if you sent her a romantic valentine, she asks if you really meant it. You can back out and say you're just friends, otherwise this starts the romance. If you panic you get 5 cute points.

Feb 15 - Minnie doesn't show up in the library. Virginia notices a bonfire.

Feb 16 - New Year's ceremony.

Feb 17 - If you sent Potsdam a valentine, she thanks you. You get 5 cute points for a romantic valentine and 5 weird points for a funny one.

Feb 17-28 - If you take gym class you notice Kyo sulking.

Feb 20 - Damien's path, you thank him for the valentine. You get 5 cute points if you sent him a romantic or friendly valentine, and 5 weird points for a funny one.

Feb 23 - Virginia's path, Jacob turns up at Sports club.

Feb 24 - Honor Society inductions.

Feb 25-28 - The first time you take a class with Professor Grabiner (Red or Blue) you arrive to discover that class is canceled, and instead get a choice between studying and relaxing.

Feb 25-28 - Following the above, or on Friday if it didn't happen, if you're married to Grabiner, Potsdam asks you to take him some soup. Doing so gives you a Grabiner point.

Feb 26 - Ellen path, she's upset about the Honor Society.

March Events

Mar 1 - Ellen path, she invites you to the mall with her. But even if you go, she eventually leaves you on your own while she buys a camera.

Mar 1 - If you're treasurer or married, you see Minnie and Jacob arguing, then Minnie tells you about the Maple Ceremony.

Mar 2 - Any time after this if you fail at a Study event, you can Seek Hugs to gain 5 cute, or Blow Off Steam to gain 5 weird.

Mar 2 - Virginia path, Professor Potsdam arrives to point out the contract problem.

Mar 2 - Damien path, he takes you out to the lake. If you know about his history with Angela, Musette, or Damien, you can ask him for more information about them, but it doesn't make a difference.

Mar 3 - Ellen path, she's experimenting with the camera.

Mar 4 - The pancake supper. If you're treasurer and not married, you go early to help set up. Minnie has no objection to you giving your pancakes to Jacob, but Kyo is not happy about Jacob giving pancakes to Minnie. If you're married, you skip the dinner and lurk in the library, where you encounter Professor Grabiner.

Mar 5 - Virginia path, she and Donald get into a fight.

Mar 8 - If you're married and treasurer, you receive a strange bit of mail addressed to Mrs Grabiner. Opening the box will lose a Grabiner point. Leaving it alone will get you 5 merits and a Grabiner point.

Mar 8 - Donald path, he reminds you about the play.

Mar 9 - Virginia path, she's unhappy.

Mar 10 - Virginia path, Jacob offers to go through with it, she yells at him.

Mar 11 - Noises in the middle of the night.

Mar 12 - Classes are canceled due to the midnight fire. On Damien's path, he reassures you that he wasn't the target, but he seems upset about something. On Virginia's path you might suspect her of being involved, but if you ask her where she was last night or fish around for information about the Rose and Wasp, she gets upset. On Donald's path you rush off to talk to him where he's being held for questioning. The best choice is to say that you'll vouch for him.

Mar 13 - Donald drops by to tell you about Barbara confessing. If you're on his path and you offered to hide the evidence for him, he's angry with you and you don't get events with him after this. If you offered to confess, he's disappointed (and you may be switched from romance to friendship).

Mar 13 - Donald path, Virginia suspects that you and Donald are involved.

Mar 13 - Virginia path - If you directly asked her what she was doing during the night of the fire, she's mad at you and you won't get events with her after this. If you only made vague insinuations about her and the Rose and Wasp, she tries to avoid you, but you can catch up with her if you have at least 25 Strong, which lets you explain yourself. If you can't catch her, you won't get events with her after this.

Mar 14 - Dungeon exam 6. This is a race against the hooded figure in a randomly-generated dungeon. You can try to talk to him, but it requires either multiple attempts or the use of the spells Communication or Farspeak. If you have at least 30 Smart you can challenge him to a battle of wits; you need 36 Smart to win. This is the only way to get 10 merits for the dungeon, winning otherwise will be 5 merits. If you're wearing certain items you can offer them to him as a bribe. He's not interested in the normal wand or the bunny, but he will take the star wand, the sextant, or the amulet. You can also pay him $100 to leave if you have that much. You can offer to kiss him and gain 5 cute points, but he'll turn you down.

If you're married, still treasurer, and at -40 merits, failing this exam will mean you lose your treasurer position. If you've already lost your position, failing this exam will end the game and give you the Divorce trophy.

Mar 14 - Virginia path, she's still worrying about Jacob and pushes you to think of something.

Mar 14 - Ellen path, if you failed the exam she will suggest volunteering at the play to earn merits.

Mar 15 - Minnie doesn't show up at the library.

Mar 15 - The bakery at the food court closes.

Mar 16 - Donald path, he offers you a chance to earn merits by volunteering for the play.

Mar 16 - Ellen path, she shows off the pictures from the earlier test.

Mar 17 - If you were encouraged to volunteer for the play, Potsdam shows up. If you offer to perform advertising, you don't get to volunteer but you do get 5 cute and 5 weird.

Mar 17 - If you're married to Grabiner, Potsdam encourages you to stay at school over Spring Break.

Mar 18 - Damien's path. He sends you a note asking you to meet him. When you arrive at the gym, he tells you that he's dying and needs your soul. If you refuse, he attacks you - you lose 5 strength and gain 10 stress, and you never see him again. If you agree, you lose 10 strength, 10 smart, 5 from each color of magic, and gain 50 stress. If you choose 'hate' during that exchange, you'll never see him again.

Mar 18 - If you're not married, not on Damien's path but he tried to make you feel guilty on Jan 24, he drags you into the gym anyway. If you tell him you're sorry, he lets you go. If you offer him your soul, you lose the game.

Mar 19 - Damien's path, you talk to Potsdam about what this means for the future.

Mar 19-21 - Damien's path, if you take gym after the ritual you automatically fail.

Mar 19 - If you sent Pastel a valentine or you're not on any romance paths, she shows up and asks for a kiss. If you kiss her, you lose tons of Grabiner points.

Mar 19 - If the Pastel event didn't happen and you weren't on Damien's path, Virginia gossips about Damien getting expelled.

Mar 20 - If you were on Damien's path, William talks to you about their past together.

Mar 21 - The school play. If you're on Donald's path and not volunteering but you've run out of money and decide to skip the play, you fail his path.

Mar 22-29 - Spring Break, stress set to 0.

Mar 30 - Return to school. On Ellen's path, you find out how badly things have gone with her family. On Virginia's path, she's still moody. On Donald's path, he compliments you and you gain 5 cute points.

Mar 31 - Virginia's path. If your Smart is less than 30, you tell Virginia she should just marry Jacob, and this ends your relationship. Otherwise you suggest that she marry someone else. If you're not already romantic, she asks if you'd be willing to do it. If you say no, that ends her path. If you were already in a romance, you share a kiss.

Mar 31 - Ellen's path. She's in trouble with Potsdam.

Mar 31-Apr 4 - If you went through the ritual with Damien, then if you take Gym class you have the option to cast Spirit Echoes and see more of what happened that night.

April Events

Mar 31-Apr 4 - If you went through the ritual with Damien, then if you take Gym class you have the option to cast Spirit Echoes and see more of what happened that night.

Apr 1 - If you're treasurer, Grabiner calls you in to talk about the Thunder Dance. If you're married, you can ask a few more questions. If you ask him about Minnie and then say he's underestimating you, you gain a Grabiner point. If you ask about his spring break, then if you have no demerits and did not open the box on Mar 8, he admits that you are not entirely troublesome, and you gain a Grabiner point. Asking him about Violet will lose three Grabiner points.

Apr 1 - Virginia path, she plays a little joke on you and Ellen.

Apr 1 - If you have class with Potsdam, she plays a joke on the students.

Apr 1 - If you didn't get one of the other jokes, Luke comes by with bad candy.

Apr 2 - Ellen's path, Minnie visits to explain that she shouldn't research magic and science. If you are Treasurer and know the Communication spell you can chase after her for a little more explanation.

Apr 3 - Donald's path, if you're romantic, he tells you that he plans to have lunch with his brother this weekend.

Apr 5 - Minnie is missing from the library.

Apr 5 - Donald's path, friends only. If you go to the mall food court, he and William are there and buy you a free cookie. Lose 5 stress.

Apr 5 - Ellen's path, she returns from detention with ideas. If she joined the Revenge club earlier in the year, she says she has something on her mind but won't explain. If she didn't, then she explains that she intends to study Magical Philosophy. If your Smart is at least 40, you understand what she's really talking about.

Apr 6 - Confrontation between Minnie, Kyo, and Jacob. If you choose to talk to Kyo, you can ask him to date you if you're not currently romantically involved with anyone, but he will always turn you down. Otherwise, if you try to intervene, you will have the options of reporting his behavior to the professors or of plotting revenge on him (only if you're in the revenge club). Going to Potsdam won't work. You can only go to Grabiner if you're married or treasurer. If you are married, talking to him abotu this will give you a Grabiner point, and (if your relationship with him is now positive) he tells you that you don't have to call him sir all the time.

Apr 7 - If you're married to Grabiner, the gossip leaks out, and Grabiner has a ragefit.

Apr 7 - Donald-path, if you didn't meet him at the mall on Saturday, he comes to show you William's Falcon badge. If you tease him that he's not cool, you end up with 5 cute points. If you sulk that he's not paying enough attention to you, he gets annoyed and doesn't want to date you anymore.

Apr 8 - Marriage path, Grabiner apologises, but the students are still nervous. Gain 10 Weird. You can go talk to Grabiner now - you must have at least one Grabiner point in order to be accepted and move to the next stage of the relationship.

Apr 9 - If you're on Donald's path and married to Grabiner, then if you did NOT advance the relationship, you can explain that it's a marriage in name only and you still like Donald. Otherwise, you tell Donald that you and he are friends. Then he invites you to bingo.

Apr 9 - If you're married and not on Donald's path, but you did report Kyo to Professor Grabiner, Minnie comes to thank you.

Apr 9 - If you're just friends with Donald and not married, he shows up to invite you to bingo. If you're a member of the revenge club, you can tell him that you suspect Kyo, and he storms off. If you only drop hints, nothing bad happens.

Apr 9/10 - The Thunder Dance. If you are plotting revenge on Kyo, you start the wheels moving.

Apr 11 - Ellen's path, if she's in the revenge club. She invites you to join a conspiracy. If you claim it's too dangerous, then if your Smart is 40 or more, you figure out that she's up to something and have a fight which ends her path (If your Smart isn't high enough, nothing bad happens). Otherwise she takes you to the gym and asks you to carry out a test. If your Smart is 40 or more, you have the option to suspect something odd about the test, and become an Architect. Otherwise you become a Minion. In either case, you get the 'Conspiracy' trophy.

Apr 12 - If you're advancing Grabiner's romance, you can visit him.

Apr 12 - If you reported Kyo to Grabiner, Minnie is back at the library. Otherwise she's gone again.

Apr 12 - Donald's romance path, you go to the mall together and finally get a kiss.

Apr 12 - Donald friendship path, if you made him suspect Kyo, you find out he's gotten into trouble.

Apr 13 - If you plotted revenge on Kyo, he and Jacob get into a fight.

Apr 13 - If you did NOT plot revenge and you did NOT report Kyo to Professor Grabiner, Kyo gets back together with Minnie.

Apr 15 - Ellen's path, she cuts ties with her family. If you aren't working with her on her plan (If you are not an Architect and you did not understand what she meant by Magical Philosophy) then she says she doesn't want to go home with you. Even if you are in on her plan, if you're involved with her romantically she doesn't want to move in with you because it would be awkward. Only if you are part of her scheme and just friends will she agree to come home with you.

Apr 17 - If you're treasurer and Minnie did NOT get back together with Kyo, she suddenly remembers the end-of-year fundraiser.

Apr 18 - Good Friday. If you have been playing Damien's path right for the romantic ending, you hear rumors that he's been seen.

Apr 19 - If you're treasurer, Professor Grabiner asks you about the fundraiser plans. If Minnie didn't talk to you earlier, all you can do is solicit donations, and you lose a Grabiner point. If you're married and visited him on the 12th, you talk to him about music.

Apr 19 - Damien's path, you receive a message from him. If you destroy the letter, that ends the path. If you're in the revenge club, you can plot revenge against him.

Apr 20 - If you got Damien's message and chose to wait, you can now go to meet him or tell Potsdam about him, but she does nothing. If you see Damien, you have a dramatic reunion. If you tell him you feel nothing, that ends the relationship.

Apr 20 - If you gave the bunny to Big Steve, he comes by to give you an Easter present. Lose 5 stress.

Apr 20 - If you plotted revenge on Damien, you find out that he and William have both been injured.

Apr 21 - Fundraising for finals. If Ellen is treasurer, she is selling snacks. If Manuel is treasurer, he's taking donations. If Jacob is treasurer, he's giving dance lessons, and paying him $20 will give you 10 Cute.

Apr 22-25 - Damien's path. You start receiving 'secret admirer' messages from Damien, who sounds slightly crazy.

Apr 26 - Lots of mail to deliver. If you're treasurer and married, you see Professor Grabiner grumbling about some mail he just received.

Apr 26 - Damien's path, he asks you to intercede with Professor Potsdam for him. If you do it, she'll turn down your request, and you'll get 10 Weird points. After that, your roommates will refuse to speak to you.

Apr 28 - If you ordered exam snacks, they arrive and you lose 5 stress.

Apr 29 - Final exam. Before the exam, you have to work out any remaining issues with your roommates. If you're married to Grabiner and tell them to mind their own business, you'll end up failing for lack of trust. Same thing if you're romantically involved with Donald but refuse to admit it. If you made a public plea about Damien, your roommates force an ultimatum - if you refuse, you immediately fail the exam. You'll also fail the exam if one of your roommates is mad at you (because you failed her path) and you don't go along with her suggestion of how to solve the puzzle. If you're succeeding on one of your roommates' paths, you automatically side with her. Any of the three options can work, as long as you all work together and you have enough spells and health/magic points to get through all of the choices. Be careful about making your roommates cast too many spells, or they won't have enough power at the end.

If you fail the final and that brings you to 50 demerits, Potsdam will make you choose between staying at school for the summer or giving up magic forever.

If you fail the final because your roommates were mad at you about Damien, you will be transferred to Snake Hall at the end of the year.

Apr 30 - Damien's path, if you did not make a public appeal to Potsdam, he sends you a ring. Wear it if you want his ending.

May 1 - The final dance. Ellen, Virginia, or Donald will go to the dance with you either romantically or as friends (and if you've done Ellen's romance correctly, you'll get the kiss here.) On Damien's path, you slip away from the dance and he arrives. If you promised not to talk to him and break your promise, bad things happen and you get the Walking In Darkness trophy. Otherwise, he nibbles on you a bit.

If you're married to Grabiner and trying to get his endings, skip the dance. If everything's gone right, you'll go to his rooms to talk, and can choose whether you want friendship or romance (and get a kiss).

May 2 - If the game hasn't ended before now, you get the Sophomore trophy and a yearbook page.