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Black Closet

As head of the Student Council, your job should be little more than a sinecure - but keeping the reputation of St. Claudine's as spotless as the students' uniforms turns out to be much more demanding with multiple conspiracies plotting to bring you down.

Solve the students' problems before they become your problems in the high school lesbian secret police mystery-solving dating sim, Black Closet.

Buy the full game ($19.95) Windows | Mac | Linux

Download demo: Windows | Mac | Linux

Screenshots: 1. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 | Forum | Trailer

Long Live The Queen

The queen is dead, and Princess Elodie finds herself on the throne far earlier than she had expected... but with her mother gone, now everyone wants to take her kingdom and her power for themselves.

Get Long Live The Queen and attempt to survive until your coronation.

Buy the full game ($9.95) Windows | Mac | Linux

Download the demo: Windows | Mac | Linux


[Magical Diary]

Go to magical school! Learn spells! Date a demon prince! Marry your professor! Explore dungeons! Features five datable characters (plus Big Steve bonus content), piles of spells, multiple solutions to puzzles, and persistent dungeon graffiti.

Buy the full game ($19.95) Linux | Windows | Mac

Download the demo (48MB): Linux | Windows | Mac

Players can post their characters publically in our online yearbook.

Screenshots and the trailer video are on the Hanako Games website.

Date Warp

Date Warp is an exciting romantic adventure. Can you solve the mysteries of the mansion - and its occupants' hearts - or will you, too, disappear into the night? Eleven possible futures await!

Buy The Game for $9.95 Linux | Windows | MacOS X

Download Demo (45MB): Linux | Windows | MacOS X

Date Warp message forum

Screenshots: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.     Trailer

[Cute Knight Kingdom title screen]

Cute Knight Kingdom

Become a princess or a villain, find love or adventure, fight monsters, and craft new items in the sequel to Hanako's popular Cute Knight Deluxe.

Buy the game ($9.95) Linux | Windows | MacOS X

Download demo: Linux | Windows | MacOS X

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Created by Hanako Games and ported by Spiky Caterpillar.

Science Girls!

A Greater Slirrup

Your school has been invaded by aliens, and only the girls of the Science Club stand in the way! Fight your way through the school, then follow the aliens back through the wormhole from which they came!

A Spitting Slirrup

Download the demo for: Linux | Windows | MacOS X

Buy the full version ($4.95) Linux | Windows | MacOS X

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All games created in partnership with Hanako Games. Sales tax and VAT, if applicable, not included in prices.