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As one might guess from my choice of company name, I rather like arthropoda. Occasionally I manage to actually get good pictures of them.

I set out intending to collect pictures of Gulf Fritillaries, as I'd noticed them on a passionflower vine the other day. They weren't a surprise. The wild phasmid, on the other hand, was.

A tiger swallowtail that was fluttering overhead. It was big.

I'm not sure what exactly she is (my current guess is some form of gall wasp?), but this one has a rather impressive ovipositor. The pictures are strongly blueshifted.

This is a spiky moth that wandered into the house one night.

This young spider one built an orb web blocking the front door. (They get much bigger.) I'm guessing Araneus Diademata. Also blueshifted a bit.