Contact Spiky Caterpillar:

For bug reports, technical support, and game hints, it's best to use our forums or ask on one of the Steam message boards for our games (Black Closet, Date Warp, Long Live The Queen, Magical Diary: Horse Hall, Magical Diary: Wolf Hall, Science Girls) - someone else may already have asked the same question you have, and other players can often provide helpful advice even when all the devs are asleep or busy.

For private communication or to order discs, you can email me at . Yes, that email address actually works - I made it absurdly long so that spambots will hopefully think that it's a trap and not flood it.

If you like social media stuff I suppose you could follow me on the bird site but I'm pretty boring there.

If you need to upload files to me, use the savegame upload page AND post in the forum or email me about it.